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Home Inspection Preparation Checklist

Solex Group's Home Inspection Preparation Checklist will help you get the most benefit from your home inspection

We want you to get the most out of your home inspection without delays.  Please read through this checklist and ensure you have completed the following:

​Inspection Agreement

□ You have read the Standards of Practice
□ You have read and accepted the Inspection Agreement

□ Entry to property arranged/confirmed with all appropriate parties:  agent, homeowner, builder, tenant, etc.
□ Length of time required for the inspection has been communicated to all appropriate parties

Obstruction-Free & Accessible
□ Water heater(s)
□ Heating system(s)
□ Electrical panel(s)
□ Attic(s) & crawl space(s)
□ Pet(s) confined if necessary

Property Status
□ House is not under major renovation or construction and in livable condition
□ If new construction, house is in livable condition and occupancy permit issued

More Information 

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