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Overview of Our Home Inspection Packages

Your most valuable asset needs a professional home inspector 

At Solex Group, I know the importance of being more informed about the largest investment you have or will make - your home.  My goal is to provide you with the best home inspection experience possible.  Over the decades, Solex Group has built a positive reputation with thousands of clients and real estate professionals throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We consistently provide comprehensive, high quality home inspections our clients can rely on. Call or text Vahn direct anytime (24/7) at 416-850-1002 for more information or to book an inspection. Alternatively, you can book online

Our Home Inspection Packages

Contact us anytime to discuss your needs or any questions you may have. We are easy to reach, friendly, and helpful.   

Home Inspection

Home Inspection

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Solex Group uses a professional grade thermal imaging camera to add value to your home inspection with another layer of technical depth and possibly locate problems that may not be otherwise be found by just a visual inspection - Extended Home Inspection Package

Optional add-on service 

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL/TEXT 24/7: 416-850-1002

Radon screening to get a sense of the magnitude of risk for having high levels of radon in your home
Mould sampling/testing can identify and determine if you have a mould problem indoors

Home inspection prices are primarily based on property type, size, and construction date.  For our fee schedule, see HOME INSPECTION FEES

Essential Home Inspection 

This is my traditional or standard home inspection package. It includes a visual inspection of the home's readily accessible features, major systems and components such as roof, exterior, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, plumbing, interior, and more.  I encourage you to accompany me on site to get the most out of your home inspection.  

A full colour, easy-to-understand electronic (PDF) report will delivered to you by email within 24 hrs, and it includes:  

  • a summary page we call "the bottom line"

  • photos and illustrations of documented issues

  • live links and access to a 500+ page home reference e-book

  • additional relevant informational documents to provide more detailed information on issues pertaining to the house

  • home maintenance schedule

  • home improvement/repair cost guide

FREE RecallChek included (Buyer, Owner, and New Home Inspections) - lifetime appliance recall notification service on home appliances, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment.

FREE email or telephone consultation for as long as you own your home.


Extended Home Inspection 

Our most popular package includes all the features of our Essential Home Inspection with the addition of a full thermal camera scan of the home. This package will enhance your inspection with another layer of knowledge.  To learn more about what this technology can do, visit Thermography.


Optional add-on services for a fully customized home inspection experience:

Mould Testing (Air or Surface Sampling) - Air sampling being the MOST POPULAR mould test our clients request.

Radon Screening (Short but accurate snapshot of indoor radon gas levels) - Another popular request by some of our clients.

Essential Home Inspection

Extended Home Inspection

Essential Home Inspection will provide you with vital information regarding the condition of the homes systems and components
Extended Home Inspection also includes a full thermal scan of the whole house using a high-end IR camera meant for building diagnostics in addition to a comprehensive home inspection

More Information 

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