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Commercial Building Inspection

Welcome commercial real estate investors.  Solex Group would like to help you make informed decisions by performing your Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

A baseline Property Condition Assessment is an evaluation of a commercial building to determine the condition of its systems and site components during a one-time field visit. The focus is to determine if any system is nearing/at/past its life expectancy or if any major repairs are required in a short to mid time frame.

The field review and report is based on the ASTM E2018 Baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA) standard (a copyrighted document). This document, in conjunction to our proposal/agreement outlines the scope of work in more detail and specifies any limitations. 


Commercial Property Condition Assessment Benefits
  • Subject to the limitations of the scope of work, a PCA can provide you with a better understanding of the current condition of a building

  • Identifies any major deficiencies in the building and its systems

  • Assesses the approximate service life of major components of the building

  • existing condition of various systems and components, need for repairs/improvements/upgrades, further evaluation, and also alerts you to any safety hazards before you buy.  

  • Reduces the number of surprises you may discover after you move in

  • A detailed report that is easy to understand and prioritized recommendations that can be used to make informed decisions by those purchasing or leasing commercial property.

What Types of Commercial Properties do we Inspect
  • Light industrial buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Apartment/multi-unit buildings

  • Commercial condominium units

  • Commercial/residential mixed use buildings

  • Churches/places of worship, daycare buildings 

  • strip malls, plaza's, office buildings, warehouses

Commercial Property Condition Assessment, PCA, Commercial Building Inspection serving the Greater Toronto Area, multi-unit residential (MURB) building or multi-unit commercial building
Solex Group performs Commercial Building Inspection or Property Condition Assessments (PCA's) for commercial and light industrial properties
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