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Booking Notes - A Desktop Computer or "Desktop Mode" on your mobile device needed to use this feature

  • ​THE AVAILABLE START TIMES SHOWN ARE SUGGESTED TIMES - We typically perform a morning and afternoon inspection Monday to Saturday. If you require an alternate start time, please state this in the "Notes" section and we'll try to accommodate your request.


  • SCHEDULING A CONDO UNIT INSPECTION - More flexibility in start times. Let us know if you would like to book your condominium unit within a multi-unit/highrise building inspection at a different time than stated (morning, afternoon, or evening).  

  • DISCOUNTS - If you're entitled to a discount, please state this in the "Notes" section:

$5  Facebook "like" discount (use code: FB LIKE) 

5% returning client discount (use code: RETURN)

  • NEW HOMES/STREETS - Help us find the location of your newly built home on a new municipal address or street by providing the nearest established intersection (and/or basic directions) in the "Notes" section. 

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